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The "LEADER" Student Club

Nestulia Svitlana Ivanivna

Ph.D. (in History), Associate Professor of the Chair of Human Resource Management and Labor Economics

Founder of the "LEADER" club 


On January 21, there was held the first 2014 meeting of the "Leader" student club.

All the members gathered again under the roof of their Alma Mater in room 519 where the door had been graciously opened for some years with the same curator and mastermind of the Club, Associate Professor of the Chair of Human Resource Management and Labor Economics, Nestulia Svitlana Ivanivna.

The theme of that meeting was "Oratory: catch per word." It appeared surprising and extremely interesting not only for current students but also for graduates of our university, who even after graduation continued to attend meetings of the "Leader" club. The moderator of the meeting was Kozerenko Anastasia (a 2013 graduate of the University).

The participants of the meeting had the opportunity to get acquainted with tips for a perfect speech, by means of what instruments to vary a speech, how to build a speech according to the laws of composition. They also watched videos of successful speeches of famous people.

Traditionally, the meeting continued with interesting and informative group training sessions that gave participants the opportunity to express themselves, to discover their own leadership potential, and to put the acquired oratory skills into practice.

As usual, the meeting ended up with "reflection" with a cup of tea and a piece of pizza. All the participants lively discussed where and how they could and would apply these useful skills.

So, we invite everyone.

Join us!

Try it!

And you will like it!