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Dean Office of out-of-town students in local centers

Ivasenko Olena Anatolijivna
Candidate of Economics, docent at the Chair of Marketing, deputy director, responsible for implementation of distance learning pedagogical experimental program

Lukashenko Olena Sergijivna
Director of students’ correspondence sector

Tomenko Svitlana Mikhajlivna
Director of training process provision sector

Shimanovska vitalina Leonidivna
Director of staff sector

Kuzmenko Irina Ivanivna
Senior inspector

Bliznyuk Julia Igorivna
Senior inspector

Okan Julia Vasilivna
Senior inspector

Kharlamova Natalia Ivanivna
Senior inspector

The Dean Office  of out-of-town students in  local centers distance learning was organized in September 2013 to important tasks  of the University educational activity:

  • Training  of specialists on base of distance learning local centers, which are defined by the Order of MES in Ukraine, 15 September 2011 N 1064 "About implementation of pedagogical experiment of  distance learning education on the base of  higher educational  institution of Ukoopspilka "Poltava University of Economics and Trade";
  • Integration development of educational activities of the University and Cooperative Colleges in Left Bank and Central Ukraine.

The main feature of the dean educational activities is the managing  of the educational process on the base of active using of distance learning technologies at: lectures, tutorials, workshops, final control of student knowledge. For these purposes 10 studios and in local centers  10 multimedia lecture classrooms, 16 computer labs and electronic reading rooms were constructed and equipped.
The introduction of distance learning technologies is accompanied by  increasing  of the quality of students’ achievement and significant intensification of their self work activity.
On the photographs are displayed:

Conducting of distance lecture from video-studio of the University Conducting of distance exam in law

Dean office

Distance presentation of  course paper

Local Learning Centre ( LTSDN )  directly report  to the Dean Office on which base  installation sessions and final control of knowledge are performed. Local Centers are established  on the base of the Cooperative Colleges  in December 2011, according to the Order of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in Ukraine on the 15 of September 2011 № 1064 "About implementation of pedagogical experiment of  distance learning education on the base of  higher educational  institution of Ukoopspilka " Poltava University of Economics and Trade".

  • Dzitomirskiy LCDL
  • Kirovogradskiy LCDL
  • Njvjmjskovskiy LCDL
  • Kharkivskiy LCDL
  • Chrkaskiy LCDL
  • Dzitomirskiy LCDL
  • Mikolajivskiy LCDL
  • Simpheropolskiy LCDL
  • Khersonskiy LCDL
  • Tchernigivskiy LCDL
On the 1 of October the  number of students in local centers which report to the dean office were 4,2 000.

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