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Research work of students

Yarish Olena

Fractions Lyudmila

Hwang Antonina

Ph.D. in Economics Associate Professor of Finance,
Head of scientific and methodological section "Organization of research students' scientific-methodical council of the university

Ph.D., Associate Professor of Economics Company,
Head of research students in the Faculty of Economics and Management

Senior Lecturer, Department of Business Foreign Language,
Head of research students in the Faculty of Finance and Accounting


Misiukevych Valentyna Ivanivbna

Sutkovych Tatiana Yulianivna


Candidate of Economics, Aassociate Professor of Business and Entrepreneurship Chair, Head of student’ research in the Faculty of Merchandise, Trade and Marketing

Ph.D., assistant professor of food production technologies and restaurants, head of research students in the Faculty of food technology, hotel and restaurant and tourism business


Research work carried out by students at the university in the process of learning (for timetable) and in non-classroom time - in the process of creative self-employment.

The purpose of this activity are:

  • formation of a scientific world view,
  • promote personal professional development;
  • development of creative thinking and individual capacities;
  • the skills of independent research work;
  • attract talented youth to the research work of the department;
  • creation and development of creative groups, scientific schools, education and training of young scientists.

Each student for study at university has several course and graduation work , which has the ability to illustrate the ability to use research tools for setting and disclosing the specific problems of the theory and practice of management problem solving particular company. The works , which are essential elements of scientific novelty , are recommended to participate in competitions at other universities .

Continues for selection of full-time students of higher educational institution Ukoopspilka " Poltava University of Economics and Trade " to participate in the scholarship program of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation "Zavtra.UA ."

Applicants will be considered for the scientific work of students under the decision of the tender committee of the University meet the requirements for content and presentation. Entries and documents specified by the contest rules list should be submitted to the scientific and organizational department (room 432) to 10.01.2012 year.

Details of the conditions of the contest - 2012 /13 , the requirements for contest entries and enrollment form located in the folders of network : eldok-vpond-in- contest and COMMON - Scientific and Organizing Information Division - 2012.