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Research Center "independent examination"

The main factor in improving the competitiveness of educational services institution of higher education is an organic combination of theoretical training for the use of the acquired knowledge into practice. It is for this area of educational activities PUET functioning research center "independent examination" (sic) of the Department of Examination and customs PUET, as part of research carried out by self-financing topics of expertise.



Official site of the NDC "independent examination":


Principles of SIC "independent examination"

  • integration into a single system of intellectual capacity, information and logistical;
  • directing emphasis on the combination of theoretical and practical training;
  • creating conditions for the development of research abilities of gifted youth (bachelors, specialists and masters candidates, graduate students);
  • greater cooperation and ensure mutually beneficial relationships with partners University;
  • focus on meeting the needs of customers, consumers and society as a whole;
  • involvement of the NDC in the whole intellectual potential of the university;
  • introduction of innovative information technology education and research.


  • conditions for the preparation of highly competitive professionals in the labor market; 
  • approaching the maximum theoretical training to practice specialists; 
  • ensure an adequate level of research on Tovarovednaya-commercial department; 
  • creation of conditions for experimental research masters, applicants, graduate students.

Examination of goods

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Contact Information


Chief SIC "independent examination" - Natalia Omelchenko, Ph.D., professor of expertise and customs Poltava University of Economics and Trade 
Head of expertise - Larisa V. Polishchuk, PhD, professor of expertise and customs Poltava University of Economics and Trade 
The head of L "TEST" - Natalia V. Lysenko, Master Commodity and expertise in customs 
Research Center "independent examination" 
room. 534

 Tel. (0532) 56-10-26

 Tel. (067) 978-21-81

 Tel. (066) 976-57-19


Measurement Lab "TEST" 
room. 536 a

 Tel. (097) 279-64-25

 Tel. (066) 600-46-35

e-mail: [email protected]


Contact telephone numbers are from 9:00 to 17:00, except holidays 
Poltava University of Economics and Trade 
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