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Research Center for Economic Research (NDTSED)

Nicolenko Sergei Stepanovich - head center, PhD, professor, executive editor of "Scientific Bulletin Start" series "Economics", head of the department of economics. 
The main directions of scientific activity NDTSED are:
  • conduct basic and applied research in economics, marketing, business;
  • preparation of monographic literature, textbooks economic direction of the light of modern advances economic science;
  • development of collaboration with research institutions, universities, and organizations outside the higher education system for solving complex scientific problems, implementation of research and development in the learning process and production.

The main objectives NDTSED are:

  • of theoretical and experimental research on approved distressed areas; 
  • provide appropriate assistance for departments work with scientific developments, prepared by the Centre in the next implementation of the educational process.

NDTSED The objectives are:

  • fundamental and applied scientific research in economics research areas identified by the scientific schools graduating department of economic profile, as well as to order of enterprises and organizations of Ukraine;
  • coordination of research departments of economics, the active use of the university for the improvement of basic and applied research in the field of economy, implementation of the results of the learning process and production;
  • monitoring the development of scientific schools in the field of economics, coordination of fundamental and applied researches of Ukraine economic problems and the system of consumer cooperatives and the national cooperative movement;
  • monitoring and coordination of research activities postgraduate students start and approval of the reports;
  • examination of theses economic fields and discuss them on interdepartmental seminars;
  • creation of a data bank of promising research areas of modern economic theory and practice;
  • provide training to the periodic publication of the proceedings of the University "Scientific Bulletin Start" series "Economics", monographs, textbooks in accordance with economic issues.