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Poltava Regional Center for Research and Promotion of Cooperation (PRTSDSRK)

To facilitate research on cooperative subjects and practical application of the results obtained by scientists in the course of studying the problems of domestic and international cooperative movement in Poltava University of Economics and Trade September 1, 2009 began its activity Poltava Regional Center for Research and Promotion of Cooperation (PRTSDSRK).

He was appointed director of the doctor of economic sciences, professor, head of department of currency and credit PUET Panteleymonenka Andrei Alekseevich.

The main objectives PRTSDSRK are:

  • effective use of scientific potential PUET scientists and other universities in the region to organize research problems of national and international cooperative movement;
  • organizing and conducting fundamental and applied research and development services aimed at implementing the priority areas of science and development of the national economy through the cooperation of the population, improving the welfare of citizens of Ukraine;
  • increasing the quality of training through active use in the educational process of scientific research on cooperative subjects, the involvement of students in their execution of the scientific school of the problems of cooperation;
  • Scientists involved in solving social and economic problems through proposals for national, international, sectoral, inter-sectoral, regional and interuniversity research programs;
  • expert evaluation of theses, review books, items to be cooperative issues;
  • development of mutually beneficial international relations research on the development of the cooperative movement;
  • joint research projects in conservation and protection of national priorities, the international exchange of scientific and practical information, technology, joint publication of scientific articles, books, exhibitions, fairs, etc., which are cooperative subjects;
  • training and participation in international technical assistance for the development of the cooperative movement in Ukraine;
  • scientific- methodical, scientific conferences, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, presentations of round table discussions on cooperative subjects;
  • involvement in research and practice cooperative activities of talented students to participate in university, national and international student competitions, contests, exhibitions, etc.;
  • preparation and dissemination of propaganda material for the development of the cooperative movement and activities among the general public PRTSDRK citizens of Ukraine;
  • promotion of cooperative knowledge in other schools, including secondary schools;
  • collaboration with all stakeholders in cooperative distributed knowledge and experience of individuals and organizations (cooperative organizations, extension services, farmers' unions and associations, landowners and land users, businesses, etc.);
  • foundation of scientific research club cooperative movement involving leading scientists of Ukraine and foreign countries.

We invite all interested parties to cooperate!


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