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Nestulya Oleksii Oleksiyovych
Nestulya Oleksii Oleksiyovych


Happy  New Year and Merry Christmas!
The New Year is always the start.  The beginning of something unpredictable.
I wish you to leave everything that bothers and worries you in the old year.  And in the New one take only those emotions that bring true happiness.  Keep in your soul love, childlike immediacy, belief in a happy future, an atmosphere of comfort and friendliness.
I wish you to have self-confidence and success in your daily business!  May hearts be filled with happiness, the fire of love always burns in the soul, and comfort, peace and prosperity reign in the house.
Make your wishes faster, because at such a great time, they have to come true!
Happy New 2020 Year!  Merry Christmas!
28 December 2019


I want to congratulate everyone on the Day of Knowledge and the beginning of the new academic year!

For many years we have been ranked among the best institutions of higher education in Ukraine. This recognition is the result of the hard work of more than one generation of professionals, educators, scientists, students and graduates of our alma mater. During the years of its educational activity, the University has gone a difficult way from a teaching and consulting point to a powerful synergistic team of teachers-scholars and students, working on the principles of national dignity, professionalism and social, civic responsibility. Dear students of PUET! Thank you for your active professional, scientific and civic activity! We are proud of your victories and achievements in all spheres of life. They are an indicator of our effective collaboration in educational audiences, internships, extracurricular training work. For our part, we guarantee the continuation and further increase of the intensity of our interaction and cooperation, innovative approaches to the personal and professional growth of students - the future of our Ukraine!

Highly respected teachers, members of the university team! Your professionalism, scientific and professional achievements are invaluable and in demand by the student community of our university! You are a vivid embodiment of life and professional wisdom, foresight and pedagogical skill! Under your mentoring have been formed the personal and professional qualities of thousands of successful graduates working for the benefit of Ukraine and dozens of countries around the world!

Honorable University Family! May the new academic year open up new educational and professional opportunities for our student youth, teachers and staff to inspire student success, and parents to be proud of their children! I wish peace and peace to each of us, health and hope for new achievements!


31 August 2019


International Students’ Day is a very important holiday for every student from all over the world. This day brings together creative, perspective and inspired young people.

All of you are the part of a big family of he Poltava University of Economics and Trade that numbers more than 90 thousand students. The best period of your life passes in our university. You have the foundations of professional competence developed here, you become an individual, your talents are revealed, friendship and love are born here. The Future is in your hands. Only you are capable of generating the progressive ideas, initiatives and qualitative transformations in society. Ukraine needs your knowledges, your contribution to the development of Ukrainian society. I am convinced that your experience and professionalism will determine the state's destiny. You will be glorious successors of university traditions and worthy sons and daughters of Ukraine!

I sincerely wish the present and  the next student generations to be in great demand. Let all your dreams come true and your student romance remains in your hearts forever.

I am convinced that your creative, scientific and professional achievements will be directed towards the development of our state and Poltava University of Economics and Trade. I sincerely wish you success in all endeavors, no matter how ambitious and sometimes unrealistic they would be! Let your dreams and hopes always come true!

16 November 2018

Dear students!

I sincerely congratulate you on the Knowledge Day and the beginning of a new academic year.

For many of you this holiday opens a new chapter of life, where many things are really for the first time.

I wish everyone, who starts a new university year on September 1st, persistence, patience, excellent grades, personal victories, new challenges and successes.

Let the new academic year bring you, dear teachers, students, parents, realization of all good intentions and life plans, give strength and inspiration.

01 September 2018

Dear women!

I heartily congratulate you on a wonderful spring holiday – 8th of March International Women’s day!
Everything the brightest we have in our lives is connected with Woman - the keeper of the human race.
Taking our hats off to you for your dedication, responsibility, integrity!
I’m convinced, that we’ll together continue to come over the stages of University’s development.
Wishing you, dear colleagues, happiness in life, family comfort and love!

07 March 2017

Our Dear Students!

I sincerely congratulate you young, energetic, full of fresh dreams and hopes with Happy Student's Day - a holiday that for each of us is a happy step to the heights of knowledge and self-affirmation!

Student years - is the time of bold ideas and hopes. You have a great objective - to devote your life to the profession chosen! This time - is special, the most crucial, beautiful and unique.

I believe that all the students of Poltava University of Economy and Trade for years of study will use the powerful scientific and creative potential for gaining knowledge and spiritual growth. 

Let these years become your starting point in professional growth and civil development.

Research and teaching staff of the university sees you as active participants and creators of our country's future, passionate patriots of its people.

I wish you a a vibrant creative life, health, joy, happy student youth, true friends, good fortune!

Good luck to you in all ways of life!

17 November 2016

Dear teachers and staff, dear students!

I wholeheartedly congratulate you on the New Year and Christmas, the holidays which combined best hopes and dreams with tradition to summarize and analyze prospects. During the  last year we made a lot of  important and good things . Summing up everything, looking at our university, first of all I want to stress that we confidently join international community, raising the prestige of national education in society, taking care of filling it with a modern content and of the creation of appropriate material and technical base. But there is a lot of work in future. I am sure next year will be even more fruitful thanks to our common, solidary work. Do not stop; seize all the rich knowledge of humanity! May God bless your sincere and serious actings! By thoughts, words, actions, and by example make this world and  our university better, kinder, update it with faith, fill it with new hope and  love.


With New Year mood, respect and honor

Your R actings ector Olexii Nestulia

25 December 2015

Dear entrants!

You will learn about diverse educational activities of our institution, compare your own intentions, intelligence and preferences towards suitability of our university with your ideas and dreams about life choices. We think that you will make the right choice selecting our university to solve your crucial problems. We assure that we can provide you with one of the best academic and professional training. 


 O.O. Nestulya 

30 May 2013