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Industry Research Laboratory of food production (HNDLHV)

Aims and objectives

  • creating the necessary conditions for the scientific schools of the Faculty of Food Technology departments, hotel and restaurant and tourism business and the Faculty of merchandise trade and marketing;
  • participate in the development plans of experimental studies;
  • development and production of experimental units;
  • assistance in conducting experimental studies student educational qualification of "bachelor" and "master " teachers, graduates, job seekers and students within departmental and interdepartmental research projects and research work of students.

State laboratory

Skrypnyk Vyacheslav 
Head, Ph.D., assistant professor of technological equipment for food production and trade
Dubova Galina E. 
Researcher, Ph.D., assistant professor of hotel and restaurant and tourism business
Natalia V. Ivchenko 
Yelnikov Drobin 
Design Engineer (Electrical Engineering) Category 1

Operating Principles

  • integration into a single system of intellectual capacity of teachers and students;
  • directing emphasis on the combination of theoretical and practical training of students;
  • creating conditions for the development of research abilities of gifted young people (students, job seekers and graduate);
  • greater cooperation and ensure mutually beneficial relationships with partners University;
  • focus on meeting the needs of customers, consumers and society as a whole;
  • involvement in the work of the entire intellectual capacity HNDLHV University;
  • introduction of innovative information technology research.


Production test

Spend tion of tastings

Areas of research

  • "Investigation of the factors influencing the intensification of liquid-phase processes in the processing of food materials. Development of requirements for the design of devices"(supervisor: PhD. Oberemok VM);

  • "Technology for natural food ingredients with desired properties and prospects for their use" (supervisor: PhD. Oak GE);

  • "Development Process and apparatus for frying meat thermobaric using electroosmosis" (supervisor: PhD. Skrypnyk VA);

  • "Research on the effectiveness of the drying process of food raw materials mixed enerhopidvodom. Development of requirements for the design of devices" (supervisor: doc., Ph.D. Bychkov YM);

  • "Investigation of bactericidal effect of ultraviolet radiation in restaurant management" (supervisor: Assoc. Boroday AB);

  • "Improvement of the meat food products by using natural methods" (supervisor: PhD. Sutkovych TU).

Testing Research Results

In order to intensify research activities of teachers and students of the university and engaging experience related universities in developing new technologies and equipment for food production annually at the industrial research laboratory food production PUET held interuniversity scientific-practical seminar "New technologies and equipment for food industry". The duration of a session - one day. Dates: March-May.

 Seminar 2012
 Seminar 2013