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Dean of Faculty of Commodities, Trade and Marketing

Historical background: Commodity Research and Commerce Faculty – one of the oldest faculties of the university which started the university. Its history dates back to 1972 and in 2012 it celebrates its outstanding faculty date – the 40th anniversary of its activities. For the whole period of its existence Commodity Research and Commerce Faculty has trained thousands of highly skilled professionals who work in Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Poland, Armenia and many other countries as marketers, specialists in advertising and PR, in the system of higher education in Ukraine and other countries in the sphere of trade, system of standardization and expertise of goods, customs agencies, brokerage houses, law enforcement agencies, in the system of protection of consumer rights, the Chamber of Commerce, in the area of entrepreneurship.


Address: 36000 m Poltava vulgaris. Kovalam, 3, Tel. 501, 502 Tel. +38 (0532) 56-05-65 e-mail : ttmdec@puet.edu.ua

Dean Office of Food Technology, Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Business Faculty

Technology Faculty of Poltava University of Economics and Trade was established in 1974. The Chairs of the  faculty has about 80 teachers, including seven doctors, professors, 37 candidates of science, docents.
For educational qualification levels of "Specialist" and " Master " training is carried out in the following specialties:

  • The technology of storage, preservation and processing of fruit and vegetables
  • The technology of storing, preservation and processing of meat
  • Technology in the restaurant business
  • Hotel and
Dean is on the 2nd floor of the educational building of the university in the room. Number 237. Tel. (0532) 56-07-47

International Students Department

The main focus of the Dean’s Office is assistance in preparation of skilled and highly competitive professionals who need to know the chosen speciality, to get fundamental and professional training, to be focused on achieving high personal results, to be brought up in the spirit of the best achievements and advances of science and culture.

The main functions of the Dean’s Office, which deal with solving complex issues, related to training, education and accommodation of international students in Ukraine are:

  • Implementation of recruitment of foreign students to study at PUET;
  • Assistance in providing educational and informational services for international students;
Supporting International Students Department in the room number 500 Tel. (0532) 50-97-95 e-mail: puet.inoz@ukr.net

Institute of Economics, Management and Information Technology

Faculty of Finance and Accounting is headed  by PhD, Associate Professor Pedchenko Natalia S.,  a graduate and follower of the glorious traditions of the university.
Organizational and methodological work at the Faculty is managed by  PhD, Associate Professor Lyubimov M.O. Functions of the Vice Dean in education and social affairs  are fulfilled by PhD, Associate Professor Sobol H.O. I Shanko H.V. is the indispensable employee of the dean’s office.

Prestigious and popular in modern conditions are the areas of training : finance and credit , accounting and auditing , international economics , banking, documentation studies and information activity. High quality training is ensured by the coordinated work of the nine departments of the faculty.

Institute of Economics, Management and Information Technology room number 504, cabinet Dean - № 546 Tel. (0532) 56-06-00

Correspondence Dean’s office and Poltava Local Centre of Distance Learning

People, starving for education should get it.

                                  Patriarch Alexy II

Correspondence Dean’s office and  Poltava Local Centre of Distance Learning are a part of the higher educational establishment of Ucoopspilka "Poltava University of Economics and Trade."

According to the qualitative indicators, the scholars and teaching staff can  provide effective training of students in getting Bachelor’s, Specialist’s and Master’s degree on the job.

Poltava Basic

Dean - found 1 floor in Room number 101, 102. Cabinet Dean - room number 102a Tel. (0532) 56-05-48