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The Faculties

Educational and Scientific Institute of International Education

The purpose of the Institute is to ensure an effective scientific and educational process of foreign students and attract foreign citizens and stateless persons to study at the university.

The main functions of the Institute, which is responsible for solving a set of issues related to the education, upbringing and residence of foreign students in Ukraine, are:

-development of proposals on strategies, priority areas of development and programs for the educational, scientific and educational process of foreign students and the involvement of foreigners and stateless persons in university studies;

-preparation of proposals for the formation of a contingent of foreign students, expanding the areas of specialists training;

-implementation of educational activities in certain areas, which provides pre-university training of foreign students, as well as relevant degrees and meets the standards of higher education;

-study of advanced educational technologies of foreign countries,

Contact Information: The Institute of International Education is located in room № 315 Vice-Rector for International Relations, Acting Director of the Institute (room 318) Department for work with foreign students; Tel. (0532) 50-97-95 e-mail: [email protected] Scientific and practical center for the organization of enrollment of foreigners and stateless persons; Tel. (0532) 50-91-69 e-mail: [email protected] e-mail: [email protected]

Correspondence Dean’s office and Poltava Local Centre of Distance Learning

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                                  Patriarch Alexy II

Correspondence Dean’s office and  Poltava Local Centre of Distance Learning are a part of the higher educational establishment of Ucoopspilka "Poltava University of Economics and Trade."

According to the qualitative indicators, the scholars and teaching staff can  provide effective training of students in getting Bachelor’s, Specialist’s and Master’s degree on the job.

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