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International Students Department

Maryna Ivannikova
Dean of the International students department
PhD of Marketing

Nataliia Zarоza
Methodologist of the Dean’s office

Anastasia Pavlova
Inspector of the Dean's office

Yuliia Klochkova
Passportist of the Dean’s office

Natalia Gusinskaya
Head of the preparatory department

The main focus of the Dean’s Office is assistance in preparation of skilled and highly competitive professionals who need to know the chosen speciality, to get fundamental and professional training, to be focused on achieving high personal results, to be brought up in the spirit of the best achievements and advances of science and culture.

The main functions of the Dean’s Office, which deal with solving complex issues, related to training, education and accommodation of international students in Ukraine are:

  • Implementation of recruitment of foreign students to study at PUET;
  • Assistance in providing educational and informational services for international students;
  • Assistance in adaptation of international students to study at the university;
  • Ensuring all the conditions for their knowledge in line with the international requirements and standards;
  • Conducting educational work among international students;
  • Execution of invitations for training;
  • Accommodation in a hostel, registration and extension of stay in Ukraine.

The system of teaching international students meets the requirements of those countries whose students are trained at our university. Studies are carried out according to the common syllabi and curricula for the chosen speciality both for the Ukrainian and international students. Teaching is in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

Language for training is chosen by students themselves. The university also runs regular courses of Russian as a foreign language. With the help of teachers, students overcome language barrier, as well as get acquainted with the history of Ukraine and traditions of the university, forms and system of learning, learn information and communication technology of training.

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International students are actively involved in sports and media, cultural work and research activities of the university.

Poltava University of Economics and Trade provides a full range of educational services related to higher education level qualifications of a bachelor and master.

Period of study: Bachelor – 4 years, MA – 1,5 years. Training is carried out by the contract. Tuition is $1760 per year.

List of documents for admission:

  • official document confirming secondary school education with applicant's assessment and its translation into Ukrainian signed and stamped by notary*;
  • medical certificate of health issued not earlier than 2 months before departure from the native country and its translation into Ukrainian signed and stamped by notary*;
  • Birth certificate and its translation into Ukrainian signed and stamped by notary*;
  • 8 photos 3x4 cm;
  • a valid passport and its translation into Ukrainian signed and stamped by notary*.

* Translation and notary signing can be done in Ukraine

Term of application: from 15 August to 01 November.

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